Why Talk About Pregnancy & Parenting?

Ok, I admit. I’m “that” girl. You know the one. The girl who was dreaming about her wedding when she was 12, had the wedding dress picked out long before the ring was on her finger and always always knew she wanted children. The funny this is now that I am in the final stretch of this pregnancy I cannot believe how many things I did not know about being pregnant. I just kind of figured you find the one you love, you get married, you have a whole lot of sex, get pregnant, then you might throw up a few times here and there but overall you feel great because you are creating another life. Then you just get this wonderfully beautiful baby bump, go see the doctor more often than usual and in 9 months you…as Lorelei Gilmore put it “do the splits on a crate of dynamite” and several hours later you are a Mom. Boom! Oh and somewhere in there you get to go for an ultrasound and get a glimpse and your baby and your heart melts and you cry. I also expected lots of weird cravings and a ride on the emotional roller coaster.

Man I wish it was that easy! (Although it appears for some women it may genuinely be that easy).

I am astounded by how many women seem to get offended when I say, “I hate being pregnant” maybe there is a side I don’t see but I don’t think hating the process has any impact on the end result. I mean I don’t particularly like cleaning the bathroom but I love having a clean bathroom. (Ya I just compared pregnancy to cleaning the bathroom!)

In the 10 weeks 4 days left till my due date (plus oh I dunno…let’s say a week and 2 days over the due date until baby actually gets here) I want to focus a bit on my experience being pregnant. What I learnt from it and what I will do differently next time around (yes while I hate being pregnant it has not deterred me from wanting at least 2 children) which also fits into my suggestions for friends hoping to conceive in the future.

Once I pop and begin a life of motherhood I will switch gears to writing about that. However, there are soooo many blogs about parenthood and being a mom and yada yada that I will try really hard to not be repetitive and spew out the same crap you read on every site but only time will tell. If I notice its getting dumb and repetitive I’ll just stop writing this section of the blog.

I talked about my financial goals, so what are my (and my husbands) goals with parenting? It is so hard to say. I think about this baby boy growing in my stomach so much. What do I want for him? It’s tough because I think it would be really cool if he played soccer (something my husband did for years) or danced (something I did for years). I would love to help him gain a passion for music, language, travelling, education etc. etc. but what I want more than anything is to let him choose his own path, develop his own personality, make his own choices and be happy and healthy. My role as a parent is not to force things on my child but to be there for him through thick and thin to help guide and facilitate his development.

Through my degree, I have taken many classes on behaviour, child development, disabilities etc. I know how to raise this child “by-the-book” (I hear you laughing at me back there). I always hear that I am in for such a surprise, children don’t work by the book. My response? That’s why they make lots of books! haha I’ve worked with children aged 2 months-17 years old almost exclusively since graduating high school. I have worked with children with varying disorders, learning disabilities, cognitive skills etc. for me, by the book has worked 100% of the time. “But Blair,” you say, “parenting is a 24/7 job you don’t get to just go home from work and forget about the kids for a bit, it’s VERY different then working in childcare.” I believe you. I just still say the books work. Time will tell.


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