Career Must Equal Happiness

Now I can get to the point from my last post. Your career must be something that makes you happy. I have witnessed firsthand what happens when you are merely working day after day for a paycheque.

Yesterday I listed the many many jobs I have had. Lets look at a couple of them again briefly.

So I can now turn my Baskin Robbins into a Marble Slab. I would like my dream career to involve customer service (the vanilla ice cream base), now add working as an independent member of a larger team (carmel), Building community (chocolate chips), Being involved in the criminal justice system (strawberries), etc. I think you get my drift.

When I add all these pieces of jobs that I have loved together and take out all the things about the jobs that I hated I have decided that I want to be du du du duuuuuuu A Probation  (Or Parole) Officer!

No job is perfect. I know I am still going to deal with government politics but I really think it is a job that meets my needs both in terms of what I need from a job and in terms of my financial obligations at home.

Now your turn. Are you in the “right” job right now? Have you tried different flavours of ice cream? Are you going to be happy where you are for the next ___ years? If you don’t have options to compare like I do (not many twenty-somethings have worked as many positions as I have) think about what you want in a job. Is family really important to you? Then you need a job with a flexible schedule. Are holidays really important? Then you need a job that pays well enough for you to set aside money every month for holiday savings. Do you want to be able to leave work at work and just enjoy your you time? Then maybe something “non-stress” is important. Whatever your priorities are figure them out now! Seriously…..go grab a notebook or a white board and brain storm! If you have questions ask, that’s what a blog is for 🙂


2 thoughts on “Career Must Equal Happiness

  1. Steven Pressfield says we all get two salaries – a financial salary and a psychological salary.  The first can be called conventional rewards – money, applause and attention.  Those are great if you can get them.

    But then there’s the psychological reward – the sense of honor and satisfaction that comes from knowing we did something well, lived out our calling, or made our part of the world just a little better.

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