Don’t Be Lazy: Create a Master Resume. Step 1

Before writing a post I do like to do a little research so that I can back my ideas up a bit… you know what they say one crazy person can always find another. But I am amazed at the high degree of crap on Google under the term “master resume”. A master resume is not a tool for you to use when you want to be lazy, it is a tool to help decrease the amount of time you spend writing your specific resume or target resume. Do not allow yourself to be fooled, even with a master resume you should take at least 30 minutes to submit 1 application (it takes me somewhere in between an hour and an hour and a half usually). If you thinking, “my god that’s crazy, no one has that much time on their hands” you’re wrong. The people who are getting interviews and selected for jobs over you are finding that much time. Your life is important, you should treat it that way.

Your master resume does not necessarily have to be pretty (however I do recommend dressing it up once you have collected all the information but we will talk about that another day). To start just grab a notebook. It can be the same one you used to write down what you are looking for in a job. (See what I did there? Now you have a cute little career notebook. You could even decorate it…I won’t judge. Promise. )

Think back to when you started working and make a list of every job you have had (or refer to the list you previously made if you did that). Start back right when you started working, chances are good you won’t put that on your resume but it is a great way to get you in the right mind set. For each job you will want to write down the business, your position and the dates you were working there down to the month if possible. E.g.) Wendy’s: cashier: March 2005-August 2006

Next think about action words that describe your key responsibilities for each position you held. E.g.) while i worked at Wendy’s I……ASSEMBLED sandwiches, COLLECTED money, CONTRIBUTED to a team environment, RESPONDED to the needs of customers, PROMOTED new and seasonal products. (See how even Wendy’s sounds cool now?) Every job you have ever had has taught you something, you have gained experience from it in one way or another. Your job right now is to figure out what that was. You can write this down however it works best for you. I’m a list girl so I just write down the page, some people are more creative their notebook may look more like a diagram. Kinda like this,


Overwhelmed? Take a break. You don’t need to do this all at once. And remember your master resume is NEVER finished because finished doesn’t exist. It should always be a work in progress so take breaks think about it, add to this list change things around. Take time to examine the role each of your jobs has had on you and others.

Need help thinking of good action words? Here are some suggestions.



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