Best Intentions

So I said that I would organize my photos this week. I had great intentions really I did…apparently it has been a while since I have scrap-booked… my word the books are expensive! I thought I would be able to find a plain one for $10-15 but it seems like they are like $30? Ain’t no one got time for that (well at least not me while I am living on a tight budget in preparation for baby) so the photos at least got picked up off the floor and ended up in a shoe box on the bookshelf.  I thought about just scrap booking them into a binder but they include all my dance photos (I did tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop and lyrical from 3 yrs old to grade 10 and I feel like those photos need a little more love then just a binder).

So long story short, I have cleaned the house up a bit but I have nothing at all interesting to say so I am going to stop writing this homemaking section. When I do get around to neat projects organization stuff I will post it, but I’m gonna drop this as a once a week topic because its boring and turn it into an occasional post.

There ya have it. The joys of starting a blog…live and learn. Lets talk happiness instead!


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