What Birth Plan?

Eek! Parenthood is getting so close I can feel it (no literally!) 15 Sleeps till my due date but I am starting to think that I won’t make it that far. I trying hard not to read that much into it but all the classic symptoms have graciously appeared. As of 2 days ago I was 2+cm dilated, 50% effaced, and baby was at +1 station.  What does this mean? Well when my cervix in 10cm dilated, 100% effaced it’s go time, at +5 Station baby is crowning.  It is explained really well with good photos that aren’t gory here.  The mucus plug is gone and the bloody show has come and gone. Not sure what those are? Google image it. I dare you! I am scarred. The bloody show was probably one of the most disgusting things I have ever experienced (believe me its even grosser than it sounds!). Luckily I didn’t know too much about it when it happened but I had heard the term before so when it occurred I was able to put two and two together. However it appears a lot of women obsess over it as it is a fairly reliable sign that labour is around the corner. But seriously, only in pregnancy would women start obsessing about finding bloody mucus in their underwear…..there has  gotta be another way to grow a baby!

I am wishfully thinking that this baby will come soon. It seems pretty common for the baby to come a day or two after the bloody show but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Baby will come when he is good and ready! I am mostly just amazed at how quickly I have been whisked back to the trying to conceive stage. As I mentioned in an earlier post when we were trying to conceive I spent a lot of time on my phone googling pregnancy symptoms thinking could this possibly be it? My hands are currently sore from sitting on my phone googling signs that labour is imminent.  As it draws to an end I’ve been asked a lot of questions so I thought I would answer them here.

Q: What is your Birth Plan? 

A: Go to the hospital and have a baby.

I truly believe birth plans are utterly useless. Baby is going to come how and when he wants. Having everything written down isn’t going to change anything except make me antsy, frustrated or concerned because things aren’t going according to plan. I trust my Dr. she knows what she is doing and will do whatever necessary to ensure baby and I are both alive and safe at the end. I have watched the Business of Being Born and I appreciate the film however it did not change my personal opinion on labour and delivery. I know for some women the whole process is…. i want to say magical, but that isn’t the right word. It is a moment to relish, to understand your own strength as a woman, to understand your body. To me? It is a period of time that is going to suck majorly that precedes the most wonderful gift this world has ever given me. There is no award for me if I don’t swear from pain, no prize if I do it without an epidural and no trophy for doing it vaginally. At the end of the day if I am holding my son that is the only award I need. This is not to say I am not educated and plan on making educated choices. But they are choices that husband and I will face as they arise. No need having a broken heart because I need a c-section. We are totally okay playing out the process by ear. If I need a c-section cool. If I need to pushed along a little bit with pitocin so be it.

Q: Are you Scared?

A: As of this moment? No.

Women have been having babies for a very long time. I appreciate the openness and honesty surrounding labour and delivery. I feel like this is the ONE part of pregnancy that it is okay for women to talk about. It seems as soon as you understand that babies come out of mommies’ tummies through their vagina’s you understand that it is painful and that it sucks. You are a complete and utter idiot if you go into pregnancy not understanding that labour and delivery are going to be painful, bloody and gross.  I feel like this openness has allowed me to spend my life preparing to deal with it rather than a couple months (as has been the case with every other symptom). I know that as I woman my body was built to do this and even if it fails me, as a Dr, she is trained to cut me open and get the baby out.

Q: How are you feeling? 

A: I’ll let Spongebob take that one

Q: What did you do to prepare for the baby?

A: Aside from all the reading I haven’t done a whole lot. I was really lucky and experienced what I like to call second trimester bliss. This occurred during the Spring when it was nice out and so that is when I felt the urge to clean the whole house. Everything was pulled out of the cupboards, drawers etc. Everything was wiped down. A full house spring clean. Husband and I also took advantage of the weather and energy to set the nursery up. I won’t post photos of it until after he is born because we have his name on the wall and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we painted, set up the crib, change table etc. several months ago. Then, about a month ago I washed all his clothes in baby friendly detergent and hung them up in his closet (as well as his sheets, towels etc.). We gathered everything for the hospital bag 2 weeks ago and just laid it out on the change table. We kept the bag pretty simple just the bare necessities. But I won’t really get into what we packed because their are a ba-zillion blog posts on what to pack. A  few days ago we installed the car seat base (only to discover my car is actually too small for it and the passenger seat has to be all the way up for it fit…so if we go anywhere as a family husband will get to chauffeur baby and I until we can put it a different car seat).  Then I have just attended my weekly Dr. Appointments, made sure to stay extra hydrated, tried to walk as much as possible and just overall get lots of rest and stay healthy.

If you have any other questions, feel free to comment on this post and I would be happy to answer them. No holds barred. As you can tell, I am fine talking about the stuff other people won’t and truly believe that pregnancy taboo needs to end!


2 thoughts on “What Birth Plan?

  1. You go girl! haha bloody mucus…yes, it is as yucky as it sounds! One of mine came within a week after it made a showing.

    Just to throw a wrench into your non-birth planning, you actually DO have a plan! My plans consisted of no drugs unless I request it. No pain meds needed at all because I’ll work WITH my body and not against it. Thankfully epidurals were not routine, they were for C-sections. They are not healthy for the baby and can create needless medical interventions (C-sections, induction, forceps…). Just remember, any meds that are for you are based on YOUR weight, not the baby’s and so baby will receive a lot of medication. Not all meds given are completely blocked by the placental blood barrier. When a low risk labouring mother is given an epidural she is now confined to bed usually flat on her back (thereby eliminating assisting the process with walking, kneeling, squatting, walking (it really does help), and other issues). Yeah, I’m on the “why on earth would you actually WANT an epidural?” team. I maintain that if you work WITH your body then you will reduce the need for medical intervention and decrease the potential for pain. BTW I honestly did not have ANY pain with the boys birth so it is possible not to have a painful birth experience. I had back labour with Ken (similar to day 2 after a really hard workout) and each one was different. For Sariah’s my body needed a booster (or just wanted me to savour being exhausted for a really long time) and since I hadn’t done a lot of walking during her pregnancy, my thighs screamed when they were put to work.
    A word of caution…be aware that if junior wants to come before your wonder doctor gets there, you will be at the mercy of residents and THEIR current beliefs on L&D…so letting them know what you want will reduce the likelihood of a routine birth being hijacked. Including the possibility of needing a C-Section is wise, but you want to avoid it as much as possible, you need to understand the reasoning for the recommendation (& Dr. having a dinner date is a very bad reason), What conditions need to be met before induction or augmenting are to be considered? How about pain relief well before the transition stage (it is basically useless after that stage)? Episiotomy? Do you want them to automatically do one or only if absolutely needed to avoid ripping you all over hell’s half acre? (If they aren’t skilled at working the perineum to avoid one, let them cut I say). You also have the right to limit numbers of people in the room. (you don’t have to have all the med/nursing students & residents and their friends in there). And do you want a birthing room? Or delivery room? Do you have that choice (hopefully yes, and that the default room is a birthing room). One sign that I would make HUGE in Sariah’s birthing room would say “SHHHHHHH! No loud noises or talking!” (hint hint you loud talking nurse!). Are you wanting to nurse immediately after the birth? Cut the cord?
    Oh, and if there is only thing you demand, make it the warmed blanket immediately after they clean you up! That is non-negotiable, you must have the warm blanket afterwards! It is almost as great as holding your baby for the first time!
    So, go for a walk, drink some water and sing out loud for tomorrow is a new day and you just may start or end that day as a mommy!

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