A Day In The Life: 2.5 Months

Dear Jacob,

This is what an “average” day in your life is at two and a half months old. I say “average” cause it’s
not usually cleaning day. You usually spend about 50% of the day with Dad and 50% with me. This day you
spent more time with Daddy so I could clean up the house (sometimes I just get into a mood and love cleaning…)

Here is December 5, 2013.
You are 10 Weeks and 5 Days Old

You went to bed at 9:30pm and woke up at 1:40 am for a feeding. Now you are asleep in my arms and I am getting ready to put your back in your crib and go back to sleep myself.


You let Mommy have a whole hour of sleep. You’re so nice! (I’m being sarcastic…you usually let me have 2-4). Oh well. You are up and eating again.  (We tuck your blankets into the sides of the crib so they don’t come lose. You just seem to love sleeping with the blankets and sleep better then in your sleep sack. We also have a video monitor so we can see you)


You’re awake again. And Crying. Daddy is coming to get you

Dad is up with you again. What’s with you tonight? Sleep baby Sleep!

Daddy is with you again. My word Jacob. You usually sleep at least 2 hours, whats up with this every hour almost on the hour buisness?

You woke up again, I gave you your soother. You spit it out and sucked on your hand instead. You fell back asleep.


You’re awake. Dad got up with you again

You’re downstairs playing Need for Speed with Daddy

I am feeding you. You passed out eating and now you are smiling in your sleep.


10:36 am
Never mind, you’re awake. You just don’t want to sleep today!


You’re all dressed now. First time you have worn this onsie and its a 6-12 month. You’re growing so fast!  You’re playing with Daddy now and he thinks you look like you are ready to go to the beach.


You’re chowing down again

You’re snuggled up with Daddy napping (Here you are stretching in your sleep)


Daddy went to get crickets for Randall (our chameleon) so I put you in your Mumaroo so you could keep sleeping and I could keep cleaning. Oh! You just woke up and youre all happy!


Tummy Time (I forgot to take a photo)

You’re playing with Daddy while I finish cleaning (I did laundry, swept and mopped, cleaned the oven and the fridge…it was a deep clean kind of day)


uh-oh you’re getting cranky! Time for a nap!


You’re sleeping on Daddy. I’m STILL cleaning. It’s amazing how just when you think you’re almost done you see something else that needs a good scrub down. You are phantom sucking in your sleep. So cute!

IMG_3481 IMG_3484

You’re still asleep but I took you from Daddy so he could go cut his hair and shower. You seem less than impressed, you woke up when I took you.


Daddy’s hair chopper razor thing broke on him half way through shaving his head so I ran to Wal Mart to buy him another one. Now I’m home and you are eating. nom nom nom


Now I had a shower. You’re hungry again so you are eating while Daddy cooks butter chicken for dinner. This is an awful photo of me. I don’t do selfies well…it seems so weird to smile to myself…but otherwise I look grumpy.


Dad and I are eating and we put you in your Mumaroo where you usually chill while we eat but today you wanted nothing to do with it. So Dad is holding you while he eats. You seem quite content. Definetly a you-love-daddy-more-than-me day. You have I-love-mommy-more-than-Daddy days too though, it all evens out.

IMG_3492 IMG_3493

“Mmmmmm Daddy I can’t wait till I can eat butter chicken and rice too! “

IMG_3494 IMG_3495

Story time! I put your jammies on and now Daddy is reading you The Paperbag Princess (its never to early for literacy!). I’ve been reading you the Bernstein Bears the last few nights, we thought it was time for a break. You weren’t so sure about the Munsch today though.


We are cuddling now, and you have fallen asleep all cuddled up in my arms!


I’ve put you down in your crib. Here is a secret for when you get older. Dad and I are gonna curl up in bed watch TV and eat a GIANT bowl of Reese ice cream now.
That’s what parents do when children are fast asleep in their beds.


Sleep tight Bugg! We love you!


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