Life Lesson After High School 1

June is a very reflective month for me. It’s the month I married my husband, the month I graduated university  (and high school), it’s the month we bought our first home and it’s the month that we celebrated my dear friend Crystals life before she passed away of cancer the following fall. June for me has always been about endings and about reflecting on the past. July & August are for planning for the future and September is about putting that plan in place and hitting the ground running.

This June I’ve really been thinking about all I’ve accomplished since high school. As I feel the kicks and jabs of my baby girl and prepare to welcome her to the world I’ve been thinking of all the things I want for her and my son to know. there’s so much to share and teach.  so I decided to add a general life lessons after high school part to this blog.


When I graduated high school I was for sure going to be a teacher. I was headed to the university of Alberta and there was no other option. Then I fell down the rabbit hole.

-I lost my conditional acceptance to the U due to a clerical error on their part which wasn’t caught until a week before school started. I suddenly had to find a full time job and cancel my loans and scholarships.
-During that year I was sexually assaulted and diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.  my anxiety was through the roof and panic attacks were common. A psychologist helped me through a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapy. I decided to leave education to become a psychologist and work with victims of crime.
-I joined a victim services unit while completing my degree in psychology while there I met many amazing police officers and realized they need help and support too. I decided to become a forensic psychologist specializing in working with  police officers and other first responders.
-I then met a probation officer who told me more about what she does and how she keeps the community safe by enforcing court orders and assisting  in  the rehabilitation of offenders. I became instantly intregued and started volunteering with her.
-Through volunteering I realized my passion for that work. I gave up on the idea of going to grad school and became a probation officer.

I have more friends than I can count that are in education. most of them love their job and maybe I would have too. But I think the stress woulda got to me and I really do believe I wouldn’t be as happy as a teacher as I am in my current role.  I absolutely love my job. It provides meaning to my life and now that I’m off work preparing for my bundle of joy I miss it.  I truly believe if I had left my blinders on,  followed my initial plan and become a teacher I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.  I’ve watched people ignore life and stick to their plan no matter what and they are depressed, miserable and unable to see a way out. 

Have a plan for life- it gives you direction- but don’t be scared to adjust it when life clearly has another path.  The second path is probably leading you to happiness.

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