Cinnamon Pancakes Fail

I made these pancakes this morning and was not impressed at all!  I love the idea of cinnamon roll pancakes (combining 2 things a love) but…..there are a lot of buts with this recipe.

For starters they call for soooooo much sugar and butter I feel like I simultaneously gave myself and my family diabetes and clogged up our arteries. While a lot of sugar in and of itself wouldn’t be a bad thing…..I mean we all need to indulge once and a while right?…the taste to sugar/butter ratio just isn’t there. 

next the cinnamon sugar mix just didn’t set up in the time frame the recipe suggested…..the first couple of pancakes I made the cinnamon sugar was basically just liquid butter.  This meant when I flipped the pancakes all that butter hit the griddle and made my pancakes feel more deep fried than pan fried…it sounds good….deep fried pancakes but seriously my arteries need some love too. it really just made the pancakes soggy. it did finally thicken after about 45 minutes (over double what they suggested) however even after swirling it into the pancake the butter melted and went everywhere and any semblance of a swirl was gone. which brings me to the next complaint….

as the cinnamon sugar butter mixture melted allover the griddle….the butter woukd get hot and carmalize the sugar so as you were eating the pancakes it created a weird texture in spots.

the icing was good when it had 1 cup of icing sugar that last 1/4 cup was too much and made it lose the cream cheese taste. it also made soooooooooo much icing.  I could have halved the recipe and still had more than enough

anyways they were a bit of work and had a lot of sugar and butter. …I would overlook both if they tasted phenomenal but they didn’t. Next time I’ll just make a cinnamon bun.

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