Well I have done a lot of the things you are “supposed” to do when you grow up. Graduate High school. Check. Move out of Mom and Dads house. Check. Graduate university. Check. Get married. Check. Have a baby….check-ish (another 2 months and that should be a check to). But man, there is a lot to learn a long the way that they just don’t teach you in school. Even having a psychology degree, I really feel like I know nothing about real life. Sure I can tell you all about the Standford Prison Experiment and Milgrams famous obedience study. I can tell you have to determine if data is “statistically significant” and what “statistically significant” even means. I could write about why double-blind studies are optimal, extra-judicial measures available for youth offenders, the effects of borderline personality disorder, or the different types of rocks (I seriously took a university course about rocks…). I can even speak some Spanish to you, “Usted tiene la torta en la cara”

The problem is after 17 years of formal education no one explained to me how to deal with money and debt. What the heck is a GIC, TFSA, or “term-investment”? How do RRSPs work? Why is a budget important and how the heck do I make one? No one told me the ugly side of being pregnant. Sleepless nights starting in the first trimester, morning sickness isn’t “cute”, the baby-bump is not the only change to your body and holy cow is growing another human being ever exhausting! I never knew about things like placenta previa, fundal height, or things you shouldn’t eat when you’re pregnant. I remember talking briefly about resumes and portfolios in CALM but how are you supposed to actually land your dream career? (Or even figure out what that dream career is?). Without mom and dad to cook and clean up after me, I quickly learnt I have no idea how to do either. The ongoing joke in the house is that if the smoke detector is going off I must be cooking. My house is beyond a disaster, cleaning and organization are mysteries to me. I want to buy a house in the next few years…holy that’s intimidating. Sure I could just go to a realtor with my cash and trust him but I would really rather know for myself everything that I’m getting into (closing costs, amortizations, inspection reports, buying within your means not what the bank thinks is within your means, and seriously I have to do what with my money involving CMHC if I don’t do what?).

Above all else, no one taught me how to be happy. How to genuinely be happy. The media tells me to buy stuff (hello debt!). Others say turn to your family and friends. Build a good life. But what does that mean? What makes us as humans truly happy?

Luckily, I love reading. I LOVE doing research and while I am certainly not perfect in any of these areas I have learnt a lot. This blog is to share these ideas with you. How do grown-ups balance everything and make the “right” choices?

Money, Pregnancy & Parenting, Career, Homemaking…and above all else, Happiness.

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  1. Very nicely put. I want to say that you have the budget part figured out. You also have found a way to always get that job that is better then the one you have which is a skill I don’t know anyone else to have 😉 In the end, happiness is what you create with what and who you want around you. Do what you want with those that you want. ❤ you

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